Greenstone and the Ring of Fire

Greenstone and the Ring of Fire

Greenstone is located approximately 250 km northeast of Thunderbay in northern Ontario.  It is an amalgamation of a number of small towns in this sparsely populated area of Ontario.

Gold in drill core - Geraldton

Greenstone has a long standing mining history of small, high grade gold vein deposits (14 past producing gold mines) and is actively being explored by multiple companies for additional gold wealth.

Greenstone also has the unique position to be the closest, largest population center to the first and only world class chromite deposit in North America, dubbed the Ring of Fire. It is located in the James Bay lowlands, approximately 350 km North of the town of Geraldton, the largest town in Greenstone.

Understanding mining

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Exploration techniques

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Whats so special about chromite?

Chromite is a primary ore of chromium. Chromium is what they term as a strategic mineral. Due to the fact chromium is extensively used in chrome and stainless steel. It has huge uses for military purposes as well as ll around mechanical/household uses.

Currently chromite is mined in the following countries:

South Africa (44%)

Pakistan (18%)

Kazakhstan (16%)

Zimbabwe (5%)

Finland (4%)

Iran (4%)

Brazil (2%)

The USA, for geopolitical reasons seeks a secure, large and easily accessible supply of chromite in  North America.

Google Earth map and information on Greenstone mining sites and the Ring of Fire

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