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So you want a job in mineral exploration

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Got Skills?

The first thing to realize is there are lots of people competing for the same job as you – at all levels, from labourer to head geologist and everything in between. The only thing you can do is to set yourself apart is to have the skills to rise to the top.

You will then need to do the legwork. A first step is to check the job boards listed to the right, however a more efficient way maybe to look at the mining directory from the Ontario Prospectors Association, find company operating in your area and call/mail/visit them to get yourself known.

General/Labour fields

Generally the lower levels of employment (but not workload) are the general labourers. These jobs require physical strength and endurance as most of the literal heavy lifting is accomplished here. General labourers can move into jobs like core cutter, driller helpers.

Beyond that they can eventually become drillers, camp managers.

Some skills worth noting (The more you have , the better you look)

  • Heavy equipment operators certification
  • Small engine repair
  • Chainsaw / Rock saw operator
  • Pump operator and knowledge
  • General safety certifications
  • First aid
  • Surface Common Core (through colleges)

Get some education

Beyond the labourers in mineral exploration are the specialist or technical personnel. The drill foreman, geo-technicians, geo-assistants, Geologists, GIS techs and even the claims managers all require varying levels of specialized training and/or experience.

There are numerous online and offline courses and certifications that can be found, with 1-2 year college programs for some technical fields. Geologists and sometimes geo-technicians require a 4 year university degree.

Since these are more technical fields requiring additional specialized education, experience becomes the largest factor  in hireability

Real World example from Northern Empire minesite in NW Ontario:

Common jobs in mineral exploration

Physical workers

Most of these jobs start as non-skilled and then work up experience over time.

  • Labourer
  • Driller Helper
  • Driller
  • Camp manager
  • Camp cook
  • Core cutters


Usually these jobs require extra training/school

  • Drill Foreman
  • Geo-technician
  • Safety Officers
  • Geologists
  • GIS technicians
  • Claims manager

Job Resources

Online updated often, mostly technical fields and for the whole world.
seems to work Ok, link provided is for searched “mining exploration” but try others.

Canada Job Bank
Canadian wide government job board.

Most jobs, as in any field are unadvertised.

Mining and exploration directory 2018


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