Mineral exploration techniques and methods

Mystified by some of those press releases? Need a better understanding of techniques and procedures in Mineral exploration in NW Ontario?

This information, posts and pages are geared as much as possible to enlighten the general (but informed) general public on some of what occurs in mineral exploration with bias on hard rock mining in Northwest Ontario.

I Try to keep a balance between technical and non-technical.

Mineral exploration techniques and methods

Exploration related posts

Finding Exploration jobs in Ontario

I've posted a page with resources for people looking for mineral/mining and exploration jobs in Ontario and Canada. Keep in mind we are in an economic slump and the vast majority of jobs are not advertised anywhere - especially physical labour jobs. Visit Page...

Fracking information and facts

Nothing to do with hard rock mining around these parts, but the political and eco-activists make the news, protest and tend to skew and mislead information for their agenda. Here I present some arguments and shed some light on some real issues with fracking. Read the...

Sampling 101: Quality assurance, Quality Control

Sampling is the single most important aspect of an exploration or mining company. Sampling determines the value (or lack there of) of a companies exploration efforts. Since it is the most important part of exploration, it is important to verify the quality and assure the accuracy of results obtained from those samples.

Sampling 101 – Precious metals

Gold, silver and platinum are categorized as precious metals. This means they are highly valuable with a high demand. This translates into a high monetary value for relatively small amount of the metal (Gold/Platinum ~ $1500/ounce, Silver ~$25/ounce). In addition to the high monetary value, nature only supplies precious metals in small amounts (usually) which results in some difficulty in sampling at all stages.

Exploration techniques Pages

Exploration and Mining Terminology:
Basic terminology and information for the mineral exploration business. Common terms from company press releases and technical reports.


Exploration plans and permits


Basics of logging core samples for mineral exploration:
Basic information and some technical on logging core procedures and techniques.


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