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Marketing services

Going well beyond just geological and GIS services, through our partner – The Times Star , Mikige.ca – we can also provide numerous design and marketing advice, products and services to any sized mining or exploration company.

With access to a full graphics team, geological personnel as well as a wide array of printing equipment and over 100,000 monthly web viewers on our online network we can provide a one stop shop.

Design Services

  • Logos
  • Custom Graphics
  • GIS Maps and report graphics
  • Brochures
  • Geological based graphics and illustrations(we have a geologist on staff for accuracy)

Printing services/products

  • Safety Clothing
  • Corporate Clothing
  • Signs
  • Water resistant printing
  • Maps (full sized)
  • Company handouts


  • Signage
  • Vehicle decals
  • Web Marketing(100,00 unique NW Ontario users per month on our network)
  • Advertising
  • Unique Printed products
Physical Geological services

Physical Geological services

From prospecting, to base mapping all the way to running full drill programs, we have Geologists and support staff ready to go.

Based in NW Ontario (Greenstone).

  • Prospecting
  • Trenching
  • Stripping
  • Channel sampling
  • Drill planning/set-up
  • Drill supervision
  • Core Logging

Physical Geological services

Digitization of geological data

Geological information has long been recorded on paper. Today’s standards require a higher level of reportability. Our digitization process from start to finish is overseen by a certified industry professional to provide an unparalleled understanding of the quality of your end data.

Full error checking and reporting is provided with each project by a geologist.

“Some digital file types come and gone while others have endured since the inception of the computer. By choosing the right file format to save your data, we can ensure your data is available far into the future.”

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Exploration permits and assessment services

As of April 1, 2013 all mining exploration in Ontario requires the submission of an exploration permit submitted by a qualified supervisor who has completed the prescribed prospectors awareness program.

Nearly all exploration activities save for hand sampling (small scale) and narrow line cutting fall under the permitting requirements.

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Custom GIS Map

Design and Display services

Google Earth/GIS displays and  visualizations

Once in digital form, we can manipulate your data and provide a variety of visualizations utilizing ARCgis and Google Earth for end product displays.

Proper visualization of data and information is paramount to the operation and marketing of any company. In the mining industry this is even more true as geological exploration requires visualizations of advanced processes and complex data to a full array of individuals, from the untrained to the expert.

The easier and quicker any individual can understand your complex data, the more value that data will hold.

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3D Google Earth - Hardrock mine
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